Save the date! Masterclasses 2023

28 Mars

Save the date! Masterclasses 2023

Jeudi 26/01/2023

14h00-15h30: Manon Costa, Point processes on the real line: from Poisson processes to Hawkes processes

16h00-17h30: Ariane Trescases, Models for chemotactic aggregation of cells

Jeudi 09/02/2023

14h00-15h30: Guillaume Cébron, Spectra of large random matrices

Abstract : The concept of free independence was introduced by Voiculescu in the context of operator algebras. Later it was observed that it is also relevant for large random matrices. I will explain how freeness allows to address successfully the problem of determining the asymptotic eigenvalue distribution of general polynomials in independent random matrices.

16h00-17h30: Laure Coutin, Around Rough paths

Abstract : In 1967, Morikazu Toda introduced a Hamiltonian dynamic on n points in order to model a unidimensional crystal, hence the name Toda lattice. The trajectories of these n particles via a seemingly unphysical potential proved surprisingly profound. - The Toda lattice is a beautiful instance of an integrable system. - Its flow is morally equivalent to the numerical diagonalization of matrices, via the Arnoldi-Lanczos-QR scheme. - It allows to explain the stochastic integrability of important reference models in Random Matrix Theory. - The Toda lattice generalizes to arbitrary complex Lie groups. And following Kostant, integrating the Toda system reflects the representation theory of the underlying group.

Jeudi 16/03/2023

14h00-15h30: Jérôme Fehrenbach, Modélisation et optimisation pour enlever les rayures sur une image

16h00-17h30: Olivier Roustant, Global sensitivity analysis and Poincaré inequalities

Jeudi 06/04/2023

14h00-15h30: Pascale Roesch, Sierpinsky carpets,topology and complex dynamics

16h00-17h30: Reda Chhaibi, The Toda lattice at the crossroads of classical and stochastic integrability, numerical analysis and representation theory